You can’t push the river

However, knowing that I can’t change the natural, organic flow of events certainly doesn’t prevent me from forgetting that every now and again.

I’ll catch myself wading up a ‘life stream’, bracing myself against a gushing, raging torrent – only to remember mid-force – that I am completely powerless over outcomes.










No matter how resourceful, disciplined, smart, hard-working or well-intentioned I am, I can’t push the river.

Which doesn’t mean I have to go all the way to the other extreme; ‘dude out’ and be a doormat.














I do have a  job, and that’s to get clear on my desired result, put in my best effort, accept the situation and let it unfold as it’s meant to.

What is meant to happen, is simply going to happen.

Perhaps there is a particular area of your life where you have been exerting a lot of energy, but without positive results.

How could you walk through that challenge with more fun or in an easier way?













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