Music I’m loving: Thom Yorke (then)

I just can’t get enough of Thom Yorke’s music lately.

Better known as the lead singer of the ground-breaking band Radiohead, it’s his solo album ”The Eraser’ that I want to mention to you today.

The album has been around since 2006 and is his only solo effort thus far.

It has gained widespread critical acclaim and reached the top 5 in the UK, Canada, Australia and America within the first week of its release.

Generally it has a much more rhythmic sound than the usual Radiohead, and paired with Thom’s distinctive vibrato it has a complex trance like quality.

The video clip I’ve included for you is a solo acoustic performance and gives you a good sense of the feel of the album.

(As a side note, I find it interesting that Thom Yorke has publicly said that it annoys him how “pretty and polite” his voice is – when what he is actually singing is bitter and acidic.)



Music I’m loving: Little Miss Higgins

I just love the old timey style of Little Miss Higgins. (

For a retro girl like me this music just gets my feet a-tapping. She’s got talent, attitude, a good dose of the blues, and that voice! (Oh, and did I mention she’s Canadian?)

This is ‘Saturday-afternoon-out-for-a-drive-in-the-sunshine’ music and you can get a little taste of it here:

Music I’m loving: Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne is one musician I just can’t get enough of  –  (

I could listen to his raspy voice all day long; this guy is so raw and real I can’t help but feel myself soar and dive as he lays it all out.

He’s known for being a very private person who rarely gives interviews, and doesn’t believe in making music videos of himself (he says they should be left for ‘beautiful people’). This means there aren’t any ‘official’ videos of him, so any music videos you’re going to find are live.

Here’s a taste of Ray LaMontagne with one of my favorite songs – filmed live at the famous Abbey Road studios – I hope you enjoy it!

Lilac Wine: did Nina make it up?

I made wine from the lilac tree

put my heart in it’s recipe

makes me see what I want to see

be what I want to be

The wonderfully sultry song ‘Lilac Wine’ was written by James Shelton in 1950 and covered by a variety of artists, but it will always be Nina Simone’s song to me.

This High Priestess of Soul longs for her love as she slowly drinks the sweet heavy lilac wine and grows more and more unsteady.

For many years I had assumed lilac wine was a made up thing – something heady and romantic that Nina liked to sing about. But did you know that there is in fact such a thing as lilac wine?

I managed to find a couple of old recipes for it but it’s basically made up of lilac flowers, sugar, water, lemons and champagne yeast.

The simpleness of the recipe makes me theorise that it has been around for as long as lilacs have bloomed: and in a city that’s in full bloom right now I’ve love to hear your stories, so drop me a comment.

Musical Diversity: top ten singles of the week

It has become so easy to listen to and purchase music online. I hear a song on the radio, I Shazam it, I click it off the ITunes Store and 3 minutes later I own the new gem: Musical diversity is at an all time high.

My own musical tastes very greatly and encompass everything from country to grunge rock to acoustic to opera to classical to completely ambient and back around to bluegrass.

This week in particular I’m listening to Jakob Dylan, Foo Fighters, Tegan & Sara, City & Colour and Patrick Watson.

So if you’re looking for some musical inspiration to pep up your weekend here’s my top ten singles this week for you. I’ve put them into a nice playlist order for you:

1. City & Colour  ‘I’m coming home’

2. Jakob Dylan “Nothing but the whole wide world”

3. Adele “Chasing pavements”

4. Serena “Blown like the wind at night”

5. Foo Fighters “Ever long” (acoustic)

6. Billy Idol “Hot in the City”

7. Tegan & Sara “Back in your head”

8. Edward Sharpe “40 Day Dream”

9. Jakob Dylan “Holy Rollers for love”

10. Patrick Watson “Big bird in a small cage”

And better still – what’s rocking your musical world this week?