Why I love Alberta: the smaller picture

One of the things I love about Alberta is that you can take a look out on a sweeping field or a grove of trees – and not even realise just how much life is bustling away in the smaller picture.

Today’s blog is about the smaller picture and some of the creatures that are bustling away amongst the grains and the dirt and the grasses.

I do recognise most of these little guys, but the second one down – any one know what that is? (a variety of ladybug?)




Why I love Alberta: the big picture

Alberta is a beautiful province with a range of spectacular and diverse scenery.

From endless prairie grasslands to lush river valleys to the Rocky Mountains, it’s no coincidence that a number of feature films have been shot on location in Alberta.

Today’s blog is the bigger picture of what I love about Alberta and I hope these photos can capture some of that ‘big sky’ feeling for you that I have come to love.







Music I’m loving: Little Miss Higgins

I just love the old timey style of Little Miss Higgins. (www.littlemisshiggins.com)

For a retro girl like me this music just gets my feet a-tapping. She’s got talent, attitude, a good dose of the blues, and that voice! (Oh, and did I mention she’s Canadian?)

This is ‘Saturday-afternoon-out-for-a-drive-in-the-sunshine’ music and you can get a little taste of it here:

The culture of Stampede

Boots, buckles, cowboy hats and wrangler shirts – it’s Stampede time here in Calgary and there’s a cowboy hat on every corner.

For a city girl like myself I just love it when the country comes to the city.

The photo above is from one of my visits to the Chuckwagon barns. (The black buckets in the foreground there are their dinner getting set up for them for after the race. Note: curious horse on the right)

It’s been such a great first Stampede that it’s hard to pick one experience to sum it all up, so perhaps I’ll share with you the most recent.

As I found myself driving down Macleod Trail today behind the native horseback parade I couldn’t help but call out an exuberant show of support. ‘Right On!’ I yelled out to a young boy in ceremonial dress – and without so much as a pause he smiled back at me and called out ‘Right on you too!’.

This interaction for me is a typical show of the kind of well wishing and regard that is such a part of the culture of Stampede – and indeed of the people who live in this great city.