Movie Review: Terminator 2

‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ is the 1991 sequel to the Terminator sci-fi series.

Although somewhat dated these days, ‘T2’ was highly awarded for it’s breakthroughs in CGI and human motion capture, and was actually the first film to have a partially-CGI lead character.


In T2, Arnie’s less-advanced Terminator has been replaced by the liquid metal, shape-shifting T1000 (Robert Patrick). Back when originally watching this in 1991, this relentless, indestructible cyborg was easily the most scariest bad guy I’d ever seen.


Set in Los Angeles 11 years after the original, John Connor (an annoying, overly enthusiastic Edward Furlong) is now a pre-teen living with his foster parents who’s grown up with his Mum’s ‘crazy stories’ of Skynet and Judgement Day.


John Connor was Furlong’s breakout role and won him a Saturn and MTV-movie award for his performance. (His script was a little too colloquial for my tastes)


But even more interesting than that is that between ‘T1’ and ‘T2’, Sarah Connor’s knowledge of the near-future has turned her into a wiry, violent guerrilla (in an energetic performance by Linda Hamilton).


Gone are the curves and the easy-going days of youth, and in it’s place is an anxious, crazy vigilante trying to save the world from a fate it doesn’t even believe is coming.


And lastly I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Arnie returns in this film for a second time as a Terminator, although this time he is serves in a more tender, protective capacity for John (I preferred him in this capacity). Interesting to note that ‘T2’ has been the highest grossing film of Arnie’s career to date.



Arnie with Canadian stuntman, Peter Kent, who served as Arnie’s Terminator double in in T1 and T2.


Overall, this is a satisfying sequel to the original and well worth a watch.

Not yet available on Netflix, but here’s the official trailer for you to check out:


Movie Review: Terminator

‘Terminator’ is the 1984 science-fiction classic that solidified Arnie’s Hollywood career and launched the Terminator franchise.



The most serious of the ‘Terminator’ series, Schwarzenegger is a ruthless machine – referred to as a cyborg but actually an android (I would suggest) – with the a relentless focus on killing Sarah Connor.


The first major film from Canadian Director, James Cameron (‘Aliens’, ‘Rambo’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’), this movie launched his career and catapulted him into major success.


After being unable to drum up enough interest to sell his ‘Terminator’ screenplay, Cameron ended up directing the movie himself.


Although centred around a dystopian future where robots rule the world, ‘Terminator’ does have an underlying 80’s-sap-so-bad-it’s-good love story between Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese).



Just the 1984 fashion alone is worth it: tie die shirts, high waisted pants, leg warmers, big hair, walkmans, high-top sneakers, answering machines…



Lance Henriksen was originally considered for the role of the Terminator – because of his ability to ‘blend in with a crowd’. But he ended up being given a smaller LAPD detective role in favour or Arnie’s bodybuilding physique.


The first of a five-film franchise, ‘Terminator’ is the one that started it all – and still holds it’s own against the CGI-dominant films of today.

Unfortunately Netflix only currently carries the last two in the series (‘Salvation’ and ‘Genisys’), but they are available to rent on iTunes and various other streaming websites.

Check out the official trailer here:


Arnie’s Big Dream

I’m not into the aesthetic of bodybuilding, but I do have a tremendous respect for the discipline and hard work that it takes for competition bodybuilding.

I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger speak recently and what stood out so clearly was his tireless drive and absolute commitment to pursue his vision.

As a teenage boy in Austria his vision was to be a bodybuilder. And not just any bodybuilder, but the greatest bodybuilder in the world – so for him that meant winning Mr Olympia.

His hard work paid off when he took out the title in 1970 at the age of just 23 – making him the youngest person ever to win this prestigious competition (a record he still holds to this day).

He would go on to win My Olympia 6 more times consecutively and a 7th in 1980 when he just ‘felt like’ competing that day.

For many this vision would have been nothing but a pipe dream, but for Arnie it drove him to change his life in relentless pursuit of his goal and in doing so changed the face of bodybuilding forever.

The inspiration I gain from this is the reminder that when we dream big, everybody benefits – including ourselves.

Arnie Schwarzenegger and his Five Rules to success

No matter how you feel about Arnie Schwarzenegger, you can’t possibly deny that this guy is living the American dream.

From Austrian farm boy to Mr Universe to Conan to the Governor of California, there’s something to be said for his pluck and sheer determination.

Arnie lives and breathes these ‘Five Rules’ and I’m going to share them with you.

Rule 1. Trust yourself in your vision

You’ve got to have a clear vision and a goal – and then go for it – relentlessly. At the age of 15, his vision was to come to America to seek wealth and fame. And you know what? As one of the most famous actors in the world, married into the Kennedys and with worldwide recognition on a number of levels – he has done exactly that.

Rule 2. Break the rules

This one’s my favorite. When he first came to Hollywood to seek parts as a leading man he was told to change the name, change the body, change the accent. But he didn’t listen – he took accent classes, he took acting classes, he kept working out and he kept trying out for those leading parts. Today, those obstacles that stood in his way have become his greatest assets. Think about it, who else could have played Conan? Who else could have said ‘I’ll be back’ just like Arnie?

Rule 3. Don’t be afraid to fail

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Arnie thrives on challenge and says it doesn’t matter if you lost – if you really tried. When we are not afraid to fail then anything becomes possible.

Rule 4. Early to bed and early to rise: work hard.

Work Work and then more Work. It’s hard work and there’s no short cuts. Every day try and do something new to grow yourself. This guy took the title of Mr Universe at age 23 (he still holds the title for the youngest ever to win it), and then won it a total of 7 times. Take it from me: Arnie knows all about hard work.

Rule 5. Give back

This is the reason why he became Governor of California: he wanted to give back to those who had given so much to him. In Arnie’s own words: the heart doesn’t just pump blood, it pumps compassion, courage and caring.

I really couldn’t have put it better myself.