To perm or not to perm..?

Chances are when you hear the word perm, you feel dread in the pit of your stomach as you are reminded of Nicole Kidman’s outrageous puff from the 80s.

(And let’s face it Aussies – no matter how glamorous Nicole may be these days, she’ll really always be this frizzy drawling teenager.)


But despite the hair atrocities of the 80s, a perm can actually be the foundation of a truly great vintage hair do.












And so after pin curling my hair for the last couple of years, I have finally decided that I’m ready to take the plunge and get my first ever perm.

I’m planning for something a lot like Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.













Though I may decide to keep it a little longer – and I definitely want to be able to still have victory rolls on the front.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes and post a before and after picture for you to compare the difference.



A year without jeans

At the start of this year I realised how jeans and t-shirt dependent I am – and how far that is from the 40s style that I admire!

It prompted me to make the following ambitious decision: To spend a whole year without wearing jeans.

I know what a challenge this will be: at the moment I wear jeans 4 out of 5 work days, and almost the entire weekend.

And so, I’m currently in the process of getting prepped.

Right now I am weaning myself off jeans, by slowly starting to swap them out for other alternatives as often as possible.

Given that it’s winter here (and for me the hardest months to leave the jeans at home), my next step will be to start building summer outfits by finding shoes and dresses.

I’m starting with the easy months first.

Eventually I hope to work my way through each season (no fur coats for me though) until I have built a complete 40s style wardrobe – and I can finally realise my jeans free year!





40s style: men’s hairstyles

Unlike the huge variety of women’s hairstyles in the 1940s, the typical 1940s man had three basic hairstyle choices: there was a pompadour, a slicked-down side-part or a military style crew cut.

The first two styles had a similar hair cut with the hair longer on the top, while the crew cut was a short buzzed cut with hair only slightly longer on the top.

Slicked-back hairstyles as my father wore, were flatter versions of essentially the same style, although slicked hair was considered more conservative.

And as with many things retro, the flat top version of the crew cut was to return to popularity in the 1980s as a ‘flat top’ and continues to be popular today.

This is Sinatra with a classic pompadour alongside the 80s flattop of Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV.

Which one do you prefer?

40s style: women’s hairstyles

As many of you know, I just love 1940s style hairdos.

Victory rolls, pin curls, side parts, sweeps and waves.

Whether you go for an old timey style, or a more modern burlesque feel – there is something so classy and glamorous about this look.

This is Rita Hayworth from 1946 alongside the modern version by burlesque model Dita von Teese.

Which one do you prefer?

40s shoes: the two tone

There’s something about a two-tone shoe that catches my breath.

When I see a fella all schnazzied up in a pair of two-tones I know that this is someone who’s taken that extra bit of time to get dressed.

Myself, I’ve been dressing from the shoes up for many years. I actually pick my shoes out first and then put together the rest of the outfit accordingly.

That’s not to say that I’m always vintaged up, but I do believe that your shoes say more about you than any words that will ever come out of your mouth.

Do you dress for comfort? for outdoor practicality? for fashion? to impress?

What do your shoes say about you?