Sleep discipline

Lately I’ve been facing the fact that sleep has it’s own type of discipline.

And more to the point –  if I want to get a great night’s sleep, then there are certain standard ‘rules’ I have to follow.


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Sleep is ideally a simple, biological activity that our bodies just naturally knows how to do – but sometimes we ‘forget’ how to sleep well and need to address any number of causes.


Got the digestion sorted out. Got the Vitamin D, magnesium, fish oil. Got the electronics off. Got the candles on. Got the ‘no reading’ in bed. Got the teddy.


Personally I’ve been chipping away at my sleep barriers over the past few months, and at the moment I’m working on sleep discipline.

Specifically, the discipline of getting up at the same time, every day, no matter what. In this case, 7am.


As a lifelong weekend sleep-in-er, the hardest part to get my head around is a 7am weekend wakeup.


The reason for the disciplined wake up time is to address my morning grogginess.

It would seem that no matter how much sleep I get, and what time in the morning I wake up, I struggle to get out of bed every morning.

(It’s been suggested to me that my melatonin and my cortisol production might have their timing flipped)


This is what your cortisol and melatonin levels are meant to look like


I’ve been assured by ‘those in the know’ that if I am consistently out of bed at the same time day-in day-out, that eventually my body will fall into a natural wakeup rhythm which will ease the grogginess.

So… for this past week my alarm clock has been set on loud in another room. Forcing me to get out of bed to turn it off, with the goal being that once I’m up, to stay up.

I’ll give myself a 40% success rate so far.

Given that it took me 3 years of vigilance to finally break my night snacking habit, I’m taking a marathon approach to this one too and taking a steady, long haul approach.


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