Midweek Music Moment: Bobcaygeon, saying goodbye to the Tragically Hip

It would be remiss of me this week not to choose a song from Canada’s ‘The Tragically Hip’.

Having announced recently that their lead singer, Gord Downie, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the band completed their likely-final national tour this weekend in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario.



In many ways these guys remind me of Australia’s ‘Midnight Oil’ – patriotic storytellers, artistic and talented, and down-to-earth nice guys – with often a political message (sometimes subtle, sometimes not so much).


Broadcast live globally by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), their final concert reached 11 million people and marks the end of an iconic and well-loved band that has formed the background commentary for the lives and events of many Canadians.

As I’ve said before, ‘The Hip’ have never been one of my favourite bands (Check out my earlier Tragically Hip blog here: Hip blog), but nonetheless it has been a deeply moving last few weeks with them as the media has followed their tour, played their prolific discography, celebrated their talent and shared their personal stories.

Perhaps my all-time favourite ‘Hip’ song, this week’s Midweek Music Moment is ‘Bobcaygeon’. A melodic ballad about small town Canada where two gay cops fall in love: it also won the Juno for Best Single of the Year in 2000.



There’s not a lot of great ‘official’ footage from their final concert, but here’s their second encore (they did three) from their final show. After they had finished performing, Downie left the stage after calling to the audience with a simple, heartfelt ‘Thank you for that’.


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