Perfection: everything or nothing

I read recently that perfect doesn’t exist and to continually strive for it will break our own hearts. I have certainly found this to be true as I’ve tried (and failed) time and time again.


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Brene Brown’s latest book ‘Daring Greatly’ speaks about the power of thoroughly embracing our imperfections and getting vulnerable with each other.


The thought struck a chord with me, but even in a purely scientific sense I understand that fundamentally nothing is permanent.

As soon as I think I’ve attained that perfect moment, situation or thing – it’s already shifting into the next moment.



In some ways, you could say that everything is already perfectly imperfect – and is exactly as it is meant to be right here, right now.


The nature of an ideal is that it’s simply not attainable.

And once I accept that applying more force & discipline won’t get me there any faster or better – my only real choice is to relax and go with the flow.











The good news for us perfection-seekers, is that there’s a great openness and freedom in embracing our imperfection – and perhaps the real measure is that we showed up in the first place.



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