Noah: movie review

‘Noah’ is the latest blockbuster epic from Director, Darren Aronofsky ( ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The Fountain’ ).

Considering the subject matter, the film was was definitely less preachy than I was expecting – yet at the same time I found myself questioning some of Aronofsky’s softer choices such as the avoidance of the word ‘God’ in favour of the more palatable ‘Creator’. It’s not like we don’t know who the story is about.

Russell Crowe easily carries the film with a driven and focused performance –  though he actually overshadows some of the scenes with his intensity –  especially those with his sappy brooding kids.



Ray Winstone held his own against Noah as the ‘all men are kings’ bad guy and Anthony Hopkins was notable as laid back old Methuselah. The female performances were generally strong there was generally a bit too much wailing and teeth gnashing for my tastes.









By halfway through the film I found myself repulsed by the arrogance of both of the male protagonists – but it was exactly this complexity of character that I ultimately appreciated and left me with food for thought.

I recommend seeing this if you’re a fan of epic disaster films, Aronofsky’s work or Russell Crowe’s impossibly pumped biceps.

Here’s the official trailer for you:


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