My descent into Rubik’s cube geekdoom

As a child, solving the Rubik’s cube was a true marker of brilliance.

When it arrived on the scene, there was simply no other toy like it.

Children’s playgrounds were dominated by the distinctive cube and most assumed it would be short lived as the latest flash-in-the-pan craze.









With over 350 million sold worldwide, the Rubik’s cube has surpassed language and cultural divides to establish itself as the top selling puzzle of all time.

A visit with my nephews recently reintroduced to me to this iconic toy and this time I was determined to solve the cube once for all!

I’ve been working at it, and not only have I learnt to solve it, but I’m chuffed with my current personal best time of 2m 51secs.

Sure, it pales in comparison to the current world record of 7.36 seconds, but I’m certainly not complaining. Quite the contrary, I feel like I just got a little bit smarter.

Here’s the video of the 2013 win by Aussie Feliks Zemdegs:

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