Musical Diversity: top ten singles of the week

It has become so easy to listen to and purchase music online. I hear a song on the radio, I Shazam it, I click it off the ITunes Store and 3 minutes later I own the new gem: Musical diversity is at an all time high.

My own musical tastes very greatly and encompass everything from country to grunge rock to acoustic to opera to classical to completely ambient and back around to bluegrass.

This week in particular I’m listening to Jakob Dylan, Foo Fighters, Tegan & Sara, City & Colour and Patrick Watson.

So if you’re looking for some musical inspiration to pep up your weekend here’s my top ten singles this week for you. I’ve put them into a nice playlist order for you:

1. City & Colour  ‘I’m coming home’

2. Jakob Dylan “Nothing but the whole wide world”

3. Adele “Chasing pavements”

4. Serena “Blown like the wind at night”

5. Foo Fighters “Ever long” (acoustic)

6. Billy Idol “Hot in the City”

7. Tegan & Sara “Back in your head”

8. Edward Sharpe “40 Day Dream”

9. Jakob Dylan “Holy Rollers for love”

10. Patrick Watson “Big bird in a small cage”

And better still – what’s rocking your musical world this week?

  1. Thanks for adding some titles to my list of stuff to be listening for, Kate.

    If you haven’t heard “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons, give it a listen. I have a hunch it will be on a Top Ten list of yours soon. Beautiful track.

    Spoken by Les on June 6, 2010 @ 8:57 pm