Movie review: Twelve Years a Slave

When I recently read a New York Times rave review for movie ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, it hit my ‘must see’ list.

Reviewers are hard people to impress, and I knew that if it was hitting 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, something was going on.

Truthfully I knew nothing of Solomon Northup’s story; a free black man who was kidnapped in 1841 and sold into slavery.

But given the title, I knew there was going to be some disturbing imagery. I came prepared with tissues and strength of heart!

The film combined beautiful cinematography with an unflinching directorial eye, which served to heighten the horrible cruelty and sense of entitlement of the southern lifestyle.

Although the entire cast gave an outstanding performance, special note must be made of leading actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor. There is an Oscar in his future.













Don’t be put off by the subject matter – this is an incredible piece of film making. Here’s the trailer for you:

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