Movie Review: The Queen

‘The Queen’ is an award-winning 2006 British drama that tells the story of the British Royal Family and their response to Princess Diana’s death.

Splendidly played by Helen Mirren, she brings a depth and consideration to Queen Elizabeth that gets underneath her public appearance – and into the complex world of what it must be like to be such a public figure.



Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her performance and was even invited to Buckingham Palace by HM Queen Elizabeth herself.


In particular ‘The Queen’ is centred around the relationship between a staunchly conservative, HM Queen Elizabeth and the newly-elected populist, Tony Blair.



As HM reminds Tony Blair on his first day in office, ‘You are my tenth prime minister Mr Blair. Winston Churchill was my first’. Lines like these made me realise the lifelong dedication and personal sacrifice she has undertaken in her role as Queen.


The film negotiates conflict with a deft and gentle hand from Director, Stephen Frears (‘Philomena’, ‘High Fidelity’).

Although none of us can be sure of what exactly went on during those sad few days after Diana’s passing, Frears gives us a very personal ‘behind the scenes’ take on the royal family.


Although the Royal Family feels very much ‘locked down’ I can’t help but wonder if Fears had access to insider knowledge.


An intelligent, observant script with a great cast and a solid pace, I highly recommend ‘The Queen’ for those nights when you’re looking for a smart drama with an emotional undercurrent.

Available on Netflix and here’s the official trailer for you to check out:


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