Movie Review: The Lost City of Z

‘The Lost City of Z’ is a 2016 adventure epic that follows one man’s lifelong quest to find a lost city in the Amazon.

It tells the true story of British soldier, Percy Fawcett (played with a stiff upperlip by Charlie Hunnam), who sets out in the early 1900s – 1920s to map and explore some of the wildest jungle on the planet.


The role of Percy Fawcett was originally slated for Brad Pitt, then Benedict Cumberbatch before finally resting with Hunnam. That’s Robert Pattinson on the left as his main surveyor, Henry Costin.


Sienna Miller is a stand out as Fawcett’s feisty, independent wife – who supports her husband to follow his dreams oftentimes at great cost to herself.


Written and Directed by James Gray (‘Little Odessa’, ‘We Own the Night’: but this is my first film of his), this stirring movie has underbelly themes of escaping your background and rising above overwhelming odds.


Directed with a steady, even-keeled approach, it takes a few minutes into the movie to become fully absorbed with what’s going on. But once I was in… I was hooked.


Visually superb, the super-lush cinematography (shot in 35mm) creates a magical, intoxicating environment – which has certainly further fuelled my longtime fascination with the Amazon.

With such powerful visuals, this is definitely a big screen film! (and still playing second run cinemas here in Calgary).

Check out the official trailer here:


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