Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is a 2011 courtroom thriller based on the novel from Michael Connelly (known for his Harry Bosch detective novels).

Starring Matthew McConaughey as questionable lawyer, Mick Haller, this is an excellent performance as he schmoozes, sleazes and schemes his way throughout the film.



‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ marks a notable shift in McConaughey’s acting career from ‘chick flicks’ to more serious performances.


With an outstanding ensemble cast of Marisa Tomei, William H.Macy, John Leguizamo, Josh Lucas, Ryan Philippe, Michael Peña and Bryan Cranston – to name a few – these are veteran actors who carry their own weight against the enigmatic Mick Haller.


William H.Macy plays the balanced, straight-up investigator to McConaughey’s enigmatic, wild card.


Unfortunately though, Director, Brad Furman (‘Runner Runner’, ‘The Infiltrator’) has brought together an incredible cast, but the plot is so twisted and convoluted that at times it borders on ridiculous.


Furman is currently shooting ‘LAbryrinth’ – a film around the investigation into Tupac and Notorious BIG’s murders.


This takes what could have been a stand-out film down a notch to simply a great film – but is still worth viewing as an entertaining courtroom drama with a superb cast and a steady pace.

Available on Netflix – but I will give it a violence warning for the short, but gritty re-enactment scenes.

You can check out the official trailer here:


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