Movie Review: The Karate Kid

‘The Karate Kid’ is a classic 1984 teen flick about the unusual friendship between a martial arts master and a bullied teenager.

Initially I was hesitant to return to this childhood classic because I didn’t want my fond memories to be ruined by my sharper, more cynical 2017 eyes.


Although the story centres around a climatic fight scene, the true heart of the film is when Mr Miyagi and Daniel begin training together.


Despite Pat Morita’s memorable performance as Mr Miyagi, his ‘wise old man’ asian stereotype was a little cringe-worthy. As was Elizabeth Shue’s 2-dimensional, cheerleader-type character.


Elizabeth Shue plays Ali, the ultimate preppy prom queen from the right side of the tracks. And I’m pretty sure some of her wardrobe is back in fashion again…


However, the good news is that this is still a great movie and Ralph Macchio as the karate kid has stood the test of time.

Despite some dated parts of the film, this movie has a good script, enjoyable soundtrack and solid performances.


‘The Karate Kid’ was directed by John G. Avildsen, who won the Academy Award for Best Director in 1977 for Rocky. He was also the original Director of ‘Serpico’ (1973) and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ (1977), before being fired off both.


‘The Karate Kid’ is classic for a reason and I recommend it for a nostalgic Sunday afternoon.

Available on Netflix and you can check out the official trailer here:



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