Movie Review: The Homesman

‘The Homesman’ is a 2014 western film set in the relentless grit of the 1850s Midwest.

Directed by Tommy Lee Jones, there is a strangeness to the film that has come to mark some of these newer westerns – and I found ‘The Homesman’ to be on my mind for days after I saw it.

Despite the title, the film is really about women, with Hillary Swank giving an outstanding performance as the heroic and courageous, Mary Bee Cuddy.











The storyline centres around her journey to take three insane women through hostile territory to the nearest township where they can receive proper care.

She is joined by George Briggs (Tommy Lee Jones) who is a particularly unempathetic character – and who’s really the film’s only villain.












With talented supporting actresses in the cast such as Miranda Otto and Sonja Richter, I wanted more from them and was disappointed with their lack of dialogue.




However I enjoyed the film’s slower pace, the spectacular scenery and a woman’s perspective on survival in such an unforgiving environment. 

It’s available on Netflix and you can check out the official trailer here:

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