Movie Review: The Eagle Huntress

‘The Eagle Huntress’ is an uplifting 2016 documentary about a nomadic Mongolian girl who is fighting to become the first female eagle hunter in twelve generations of her Kazakh family.

Although eagle hunting is traditionally ‘for the men’, 13 year old Aisholpan dreams of being the first female to compete in the annual Golden Eagle Festival.



One of the highlights of the film was that Aisholpan didn’t feel the need to be ‘one of the boys’ in order to fit in, as witnessed by her sparkly hair decorations and painted nails as she heads to competition.


Although a little staged at certain times, ‘The Eagle Huntress’ documents Aisholpan’s journey from catching her own eaglet through training it, to competition and later to winter hunting.


Although the Golden Eagle Festival is world-class and of high prestige, the true sign of eagle mastery is winter hunting.


Lightly narrated by Daisy Ridley (Rey from ‘Star Wars’), the film is filled with spectacular, sweeping vistas from Simon Niblett captured by drone, crane and even an ‘eagle cam’ strapped onto a traveling eagle.


Aisholpan’s father’s support for his daughter is bold and unwavering as he passes on his eagle knowledge to his daughter.


Filmed in one of the most remote parts of Mongolia, life is hard and family units are small and tightly knit.

Aisholpan’s whole family gets behind her dream, and her determination and courage shine through as a powerful testament to girl power.

An inspiring, magical film, ‘The Eagle Huntress’ is a must-see for the big screen and currently playing second run cinemas.

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