Movie Review: Terminator 2

‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ is the 1991 sequel to the Terminator sci-fi series.

Although somewhat dated these days, ‘T2’ was highly awarded for it’s breakthroughs in CGI and human motion capture, and was actually the first film to have a partially-CGI lead character.


In T2, Arnie’s less-advanced Terminator has been replaced by the liquid metal, shape-shifting T1000 (Robert Patrick). Back when originally watching this in 1991, this relentless, indestructible cyborg was easily the most scariest bad guy I’d ever seen.


Set in Los Angeles 11 years after the original, John Connor (an annoying, overly enthusiastic Edward Furlong) is now a pre-teen living with his foster parents who’s grown up with his Mum’s ‘crazy stories’ of Skynet and Judgement Day.


John Connor was Furlong’s breakout role and won him a Saturn and MTV-movie award for his performance. (His script was a little too colloquial for my tastes)


But even more interesting than that is that between ‘T1’ and ‘T2’, Sarah Connor’s knowledge of the near-future has turned her into a wiry, violent guerrilla (in an energetic performance by Linda Hamilton).


Gone are the curves and the easy-going days of youth, and in it’s place is an anxious, crazy vigilante trying to save the world from a fate it doesn’t even believe is coming.


And lastly I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Arnie returns in this film for a second time as a Terminator, although this time he is serves in a more tender, protective capacity for John (I preferred him in this capacity). Interesting to note that ‘T2’ has been the highest grossing film of Arnie’s career to date.



Arnie with Canadian stuntman, Peter Kent, who served as Arnie’s Terminator double in in T1 and T2.


Overall, this is a satisfying sequel to the original and well worth a watch.

Not yet available on Netflix, but here’s the official trailer for you to check out:


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