Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

‘Star Trek Beyond’ is the latest 2016 blockbuster in the revitalised Star Trek movie series (and #13 in the set).

Featuring the USS Enterprise crew (version 2), this is a strong ensemble cast that performs well together and brings more to the screen than perhaps the ‘go-go-go’ script sometimes allowed for.

Lead roles are filled by Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Bones), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), John Cho (Sulu), Anton Yechin (Chehov), and a very entertaining Simon Pegg as Scotty.


In a very sad turn of events, 27 year old Anton Yelchin (Chekhov) died in a freak accident outside his home in June, before the film had been released.


Unlike earlier Star Trek films, the aliens we meet along the way are smart, strategic, convincing – and hungry to get what they want.

Directed by Justin Lin (known for four of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ films), there is certainly no shortage of virtuoso stunts and amazing locations.


Sofia Boutella is excellent as the hard-hitting, independent Jayla and lifts the energy of the whole movie.



Idris Alba plays Krall, a megalomaniac villain with a hate on for the Federation. He brings some interesting perspective on the Federation’s incessant expansion of their universe.


With a wink wink and a nudge here and there, there is just the right amount of hommage to what has come before – and certainly the dry sense of humour for us Trekkies.

However, the movie was such a blustering action film, that it lacked some of the deeper quieter moments that would have made for a more well-rounded, and ultimately satisfying film.

Currently playing second run theatres in Calgary, I highly recommend this film for Trekkies, sci-fi lovers or for those looking for a high-budget action film. Note that there is some short but graphic violence and not recommended for young kids.

Check out the trailer here:


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