Movie Review: Source Code

‘Source Code’ is a 2011 science fiction mystery thriller.

Although the time-travel science doesn’t add up (and to it’s credit – doesn’t even try to), the story is nonetheless engaging as Colter Stevens (in an excellent performance from Jake Gyllenhaal) relives the same 8 minutes over and over trying to produce a different outcome.


The viewer travels the film’s journey through Colter’s eyes – with the same confusion and disorientation as the mystery unwinds.


In a Groundhog Day-like role, Michelle Monaghan plays the innocent participant to Colter’s growing awareness.


Vera Farmiga is Colter’s only contact with information and answers. She’s almost robotic-like in her efficiency, but softens as her relationship with Colter develops.


Directed by Duncan Jones (Director of one of my Top 5 science fiction movies of all time, ‘Moon’), this is another thoughtful science fiction with a dark twist.


Not only famous for his films, Duncan Jones is also the son of David and Angie Bowie.


I highly recommend for those who enjoy a science-fiction movie that’s big on plot with some complex concepts that are not spelled out.

Available on Netflix and check out the official trailer here:


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