Movie review: San Andreas

‘San Andreas’ is a 2015 disaster film that centres on a devastating earthquake to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

And as far as disaster films go, this one’s a crowd pleaser with it’s big budget, non-stop action, and reasonably credible CGI scenes of mass destruction.


Aliens, fire, king kong, earthquake, dinosaurs, tsunami: if it’s a disaster film in San Francisco – you know ‘the bridge’ is going to get it.


The best part of the movie is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who features as good guy, helicopter dude – and puts in a solid performance despite the severely limited script.


Carla Gugino plays the ex-not-ex-wife (she seems confused on that one) and proves to have some action movie grit.


Paul Giamatti plays the Jeff-Goldblum-I-saw-it-coming seismologist with conviction and just the right dose of panic.


Alexandra Dadarrio plays their tough, survivalist daughter who teams up with British tourist, Hugo Johnstone-Burt (Aussie actually), to traverse some of the on-the-ground havoc – as well as some of the sappiest scenes of the film.


The highest moneymaker of Warner Bros in 2015, this is a fun piece of predictable movie drivel to enjoy at the end of a long day.

Available on Netflix and you can check out the official trailer here:


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