Movie Review: Mud

‘Mud’ is a 2013 adventure film set on an island in the Mississippi.

Starring Matthew McConaughey as the mysterious fugitive ‘Mud’, his strong performance in the film has received rave reviews and drives this coming-of-age story.



It’s somewhat satisfying to see McConaughey ‘grubbied up’ in the movie – his natural good looks would have been out of place and certainly distracting


However despite the star power and great reviews, I just couldn’t get past the first 30 minutes of this film.

Perhaps you have to be a guy to enjoy this film (I actually haven’t found any female rave reviews) or maybe it’s my aversion to coming-of-age movies.

But either way despite really wanting to like ‘Mud’, I found the movie dry, the accents difficult to understand (far to much muttering for my tastes) and I never made it past the initial character setups.


Sam Shepard also appears in the film as an old hermit, but unfortunately I didn’t make it to his performance.


It wasn’t my cup of tea, but all of those reviews can’t be wrong. So I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys coming-of-teenage adventure stories.

Available on Netflix and you can check out the official trailer here:



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