Movie Review: Mr Nobody

‘Mr Nobody’ is an odd, yet thoughtful, 2009 science fiction drama telling of the potential lives that could have been lived by Nemo Nobody.

Set in 2092, humans have now evolved to quasi-immortality and the whole world watches as Mr Nobody (in a spectacular performance from Jared Leto) is the last mortal to die on earth.



This non-linear movie follows the story of 118 year old Nemo as he tells an interviewer of his life – and the many paths it could have taken.


Although in the science fiction genre, this is only a small feature of a film that is really about possibilities, choices and how they shape us.


A fundamental choice for 9 year old Nemo (Thomas Byrne) sets a critical fork in his timeline from which all else flows.


Teenage Nemo (Tony Regbo) walks down a number of timelines – including marrying 3 different women and growing up in different countries.


Written and Directed by the masterful Jaco Van Dormael, this film already had somewhat of a cult following from it’s original 2007 Belgian production.


Dormael is best known for ‘Toto the Hero’ – which one the Camera D’or at Cannes (1991).


Visually striking as it transitions from one storyline to another, ‘Mr Nobody’ is certainly complex – but not confusing.


The film is rich with stunning Cinematography from Belgian, Christophe Beaucarne (‘Mood Indigo’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Coco before Chanel’).


Highly recommend for a thoughtful reflection on a life well-lived and the paths we choose.

Available on Netflix and you can check out the official trailer here:


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