Movie Review: Kate & Leopold

‘Kate & Leopold’ is a 2001 classic ‘chic-flick’ rom-com.

Starring Hugh Jackman at his affable, charismatic best (Leopold) and Meg Ryan (Kate) as her all-business, but soft-underneath-self – the ridiculous storyline follows the time-traveling Duke of Albany as he ‘accidentally’ ends up in modern day New York.


Directed by James Mangold, I would have to say he specializes in big budget two-handers, including ‘Walk the Line’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and ‘Knight and Day’.


Given that Leopold is from 19th Century England and Kate from modern New York, the movie is filled with classic fish-out-of water scenarios which consistently compare the slobbiness of modern America to the manners of royalty-born England.


Given it’s box office success, audiences have proven that it’s enjoyable watching cynical Kate get swept off her feet by dashing old-fashioned romance – despite the total predictability of the film.


The supporting cast includes Liev Schreiber, Breckin May and Natasha Lyon – but their characters are somewhat two-dimensional with a limited script. I would have liked a little less cuteness from Leopold and more range from them.



Schreiber plays the mad inventor – and ex-boyfriend of Kate – who also happens to live upstairs in the same apartment building.


Originally I stumbled on this film as Meg Ryan’s character has the same name as me: Kate McKay (different pronunciation). So whenever I googled my name, I would find Meg Ryan’s character all over the search engine pages.

Eventually I decided to check out the film (I’m pleased to say with consistent twitter and blogging I knocked her off her perch some years ago).

‘Kate & Leopold’ has a certain inevitability about it, but I still recommend this film to anyone looking for a light-weight, no-brainer chick flick.

Available on Netflix and here’s the official trailer for you:


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