Movie Review: Jurassic World

Summer blockbuster season is here (Hooray!!) and ‘Jurassic World’ has broken North American box office records with an opening weekend of $208 million.

So why all the hype? 

First of all, dinosaurs: lots of dinosaurs. Big, small, swimming, flying, running, cute vegetarians, and scary-as-hell predators.

The animatronics, CGI and sound effects in the film are incredible. They’ve even managed to maintain the wildness of the creatures – and not overly-humanise them.


















As the fourth in the ‘Jurassic Park’ series, the movie itself is satisfyingly predictable – with some seriously heart-thumping moments and stunning visuals.

The cast is well-rounded with plenty of classic archetypes including the tough guy hero (Chris Pratt – looking super beefed up), the heartless corporate head (Bryce Dallas Howard – is that real hair?), the eccentric business owner (Irrfan Khan – his usual thoughtful performance), quirky tech nerds, cute lost kids (what’s with the haircuts?), evil scientists, and manipulative military dudes.






















With the intense volume (it gets really loud), the level of violence, suspense and dinosaur-eating gore in the film, definitely not recommended for kids or faint-of-heart.

If you love dinosaurs like I do, this film is no-brainer. Go see it on the biggest screen you can find.


Check out the official trailer here:


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