Movie Review: Hell or High Water

‘Hell or High Water’ is a 2016 bank-heist thriller set in a gritty and impoverished West Texas.

However, despite the plot this really is a story of two brothers – and the lengths they’ll go to to save the family farm.

With clever casting by Director, David Mackenzie (‘Starred Up’, ‘Perfect Sense’), the performances are stand out and drive the film through any moments where the script seems to languish.


Chris Pine gives a surprisingly subtle performance as straight arrow and quietly intelligent, Toby. While Ben Forster dominates his scenes as twitchy, loose cannon, Tanner.


Although this is a steady drama, there is a notably acidic humour throughout the film: the bulk of which comes from the partnership of old-grizzled sheriff Hamilton – played with great gusto by Jeff Bridges – and his patient deputy sidekick, Alberto (Gil Birmingham).


Jeff Bridges has been receiving great reviews for his performance as a crusty, about-to-retire US marshall. Personally, I thought he was good in the role – but would credit Ben Forster with the best performance in the film.


Although it’s labeled a ‘thriller’ this is a slower character driven film and I recommend it this for those who enjoy a modern western with some depth.

It’s currently playing second run theatres in Calgary – and given it’s atmospheric cinematography, get out and see this on the big screen before it’s too late.

Here’s the official trailer for you to check out:


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