Movie Review: Deadpool

‘Deadpool’ is a 2016 Marvel action-comedy film based on the comic book hero of the same name.



Although ‘Deadpool’ has a strong fan following, it’s a newer comic (first published in 1991) and you might not have heard of it until now.


Starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool: a wise-cracking mercenary who is given accelerated healing powers after a rogue experiment – the film is propelled by his energy, sass and cynical delivery.



Ryan Reynolds first played a freakish version of Deadpool in 2009 in’ X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ as a side character and eventual villain. (Wolverine and Deadpool went through the same Weapon X Program)


With solid direction from first-time Director, Tim Miller, the film’s only real downfall is it’s predictable storyline.



Although this is Miller’s feature film debut, he is known for the opening title sequences in ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’.


Given Deadpool’s wild commentary and over-the-top behaviour, there is an opportunity here to push the plot far more out of the mainstream. And perhaps it will show up in a sequel?

Despite the standard superhero storyline, ‘Deadpool’ was really entertaining and is certainly worth a viewing.

Note that it’s rated R for it’s extreme violence (which it is) and over-the-top obscenity (that didn’t bother me so much), and is definitely not suitable for kids.

Available on Netflix and here’s the official trailer for you to check out:


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