Movie Review: Bride & Prejudice

‘Bride & Prejudice’ is a 2004 Bollywood remake of the Jane Austen ‘Pride & Prejudice’ story.



Directed by Gurinder Chadha (‘Bend it like Beckham’, ‘Mistress of Spices’, ‘Bhaji on the Beach’), the movie is playful and light with big Bollywood dance numbers.  

Set in Amritsar, India, the movie was coasting along as expected (i.e. lady of the house trying to marry off her four unmarried daughters) when the plot broke suddenly to jump into a big colourful dance number.

It was my first Bollywood movie and although I knew it was coming, it still caught me unexpectedly!

Although it was Indian-style dancing, the feel of it reminded me of Grease for some reason. I think it was the strutting and chin-up attitude of some of the numbers.


There are a number of musical interludes in the movie, with each one featuring a colourful, boisterous dance number full of large choreographed circles, and a couple of key voices.



Aishwarya Rai (Elizabeth Bennet) easily gives the best performance for both acting and singing. There’s also no escaping her beautiful eyes in the movie: she’s a famed Bollywood actress and former Miss World.


Kiwi actor, Martin Henderson (Darcy) was quite deadpan and disappointing, and although there was a little character development, I generally found the male characters very thinly drawn and 2-dimensional.



I would have liked a lot more from the other male lead, Naveen Andrews, but he was designated a token role.


It wasn’t a great movie, but I will certainly give Bollywood another chance – and will try a more recent movie for my next attempt!

Here’s the official trailer for you, and available on Netflix:


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