Midweek Music Moment: The Quiet Crowd

Patrick Watson is one of my favourite Canadian singer-songwriters. An established member of the Montreal music scene, this guy just oozes talent and cool.

Although he might not be topping any mainstream charts anytime soon, he did beat out Arcade Fire for the Polaris Prize with his 2007 album ‘Close to Paradise’.

With his distinctive vocals, innovative instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics: his albums are full of memorable and diverse ballads.

Today’s Midweek Music Moment is this wonderfully atmospheric tune ‘The Quiet Crowd’. Not only does it sound great, but it contains one of my all-time favourite lyrics: ‘Everyone’s got a little wrong in all the right places’



His 2015 album, “Love Songs for Robots’ has a more produced, lusher sound than his previous work – which doesn’t showcase his vocals as much as his acoustic pieces, but nonetheless has great energy and wonderful atmosphere.

‘Places you’ll go’ is a great example of his latest sound:



And if you feel like a truly weird art video (inspired by German ballet ‘Das Triadische Ballet’) then here’s a great one to checkout for ‘Love Songs for Robots’:



Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his classical prowess. If you love contemporary, sweeping soundtracks as much as I do, then you’ll want to explore his 2016 ‘9th Life of Louis Drax’ soundtrack.


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