Midweek Music Moment: Thank you for Nothing

Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Ziman of ‘Elizabeth & The Catapult’ is one of those enormously talented musicians who’s been playing her whole life.

Based out of Brooklyn, Elizabeth & The Catapult first caught my ear with their bittersweet ballad ‘Thank you for Nothing’. She does have an ‘official video’ for this song, but I prefer her live studio recordings for the pleasure of watching her play.



They’re currently best known for their 2009 album ‘Taller Children’, though their most recent offering, ‘Like it Never Happened’ has received critical praise for it’s more developed sound.

‘Happy Pop’ is from the newest album and I actually prefer this acoustic version to the produced album version: if you want to skip the interview, the song starts at 2’30” (how Vince Guaraldi is this song?!)



And here’s the very sweet animated official video for ‘Happy Pop’ – you can hear the sophistication the production adds: which version do you prefer?


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