Midweek Music Moment: Mozart’s Requiem

Every now and again I’m in the mood for some classical melodrama.

And surely one of the most dramatic and powerful classical pieces is Mozart’s Requiem.

His final masterpiece, it was commissioned in 1791 by an Austrian count as a tribute to the passing of his young wife – but Mozart who was suffering with an undiagnosed illness at the time – came to believe it was his own requiem that he was writing.



c1780, this portrait of Mozart is one of the most popular. He was 24 years old at the time and hadn’t quite made the ‘big time’ yet.


Unfortunately Wolfgang’s ‘spidey sense’  was proved right, and he died before he finished the work (there are many theories but we still don’t know exactly what he died of) which was later finished by his understudy.

Today’s Midweek Music Moment is this ‘shorter’ 8 minute version for you to get a feel for the piece. It’s had a whopping 63 Million YouTube views, which is impressive considering the competition.



And if you’ve got a full hour and interested in the complete piece you can enjoy this intimate performance here:


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