Midweek Music Moment: King Karoshi

One of the (many) advantages of living in Canada is exposure to the wonderful music coming out of Quebec.

Montreal-based, King Karoshi caught my immediate ‘shazam’ attention with their track ‘Catching Echoes’ – not only for their lovely sound, but also with lyrics like these:

“I want to walk in the spaces where nobody walks
see the things that no-one sees
and everything in between”

Thoughtful, earthy and emotive – check out the live version here:



They might be just 3 years old, but they’re turning heads in the Montreal music scene and already have two LPs under their belt; ‘Laundry’ 2014 and ‘Catching Echoes’ 2015.


King Karoshi are Remi Denis (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Dunphy (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Alexy Guerer (Drums/ Vocals), Antoine Poliquin (Bass/ Vocals).


Here’s the opening track ‘Industrial (Beyond the ridge)’ from their ‘Catching Echoes’ album.



It’s early days but I look to great things from this band!

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