Midweek Music Moment: In a world possessed by the human mind

I’ll be the first to admit that I have never been particularly impressed by The Tragically Hip.


Given the Canada-pride in ‘The Hip’ – one of their most famous musical exports – I’ve really tried to like them.


Truthfully, there’s such a sameness and repetition to their music that one song sounds like the next, and they’ve barely distinguished themselves since their early years.

So I’ve been a good house guest and generally kept my unimpressed-ness to myself.

But their current about-to-be-released album ‘Man Machine Poem’, and to be specific the first big single of it; ‘In a world possessed by the human mind’ has actually caught my interest.

Could this spell a new chapter for The Hip?

The accompanying music video is just as interesting and I look forward to a new push from this enormously-talented but creatively-stifled band.


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