Midweek Music Moment: Crazy

I’m going to admit that until this week I had no idea that Willie Nelson wrote ‘Crazy’ – first made famous by Patsy Cline in 1962.

In his autobiography (which I’m currently reading) Willie writes of years of struggle while trying to get his music out there, before finally getting ‘Crazy’ in front of Patsy’s husband, Charlie Dick at a local Nashville bar one evening.



Recording ‘Crazy’ was a struggle for Patsy, as Willie’s version had his own unique sense of timing, and Patsy was also recovering from broken ribs from a near-fatal car accident – and was unable to hit the high notes. It wasn’t until a week later that she returned to the studio and recorded the version we now know in one take.

Cline’s subsequent recording in 1962 went to #2 on the country music charts and turned it all around for Willie. And despite multiple covers of this country classic, Patsy’s is still his favourite version.


If you’re like me and have never heard the original Willie Nelson version, here it is for your comparison.



And for a little extra flavour, check out this live version for Willie’s 70th birthday celebrations with Diana Krall and Elvis Costello.


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