Midweek Music Moment: Alone in Kyoto

This stunner ‘Alone in Kyoto’ from French duo Air actually stopped me in my tracks last week.

Originally from their 2004 album ‘Talkie Walkie’, the song was also featured on the 2003 ‘Lost in Translation’ movie soundtrack.



Although Air had been collaborating with various artists throughout the 1990s, I discovered them when they released their first album ‘Moon Safari’ in 1998.

The first single off it ‘Sexy Boy’ became a huge hit and catapulted them to international acclaim. It’s just as good today as it was then!



Although they haven’t produced a new studio album since 2007, their latest album ‘Twentyears’ in 2016 was a 3-disc compilation of their previous works as well as their mixes of other artists works.


Air was formed in by Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, they continue to tour and create compilation albums as well as solo works.


Also known for a longtime collaboration with movie maker, Sofia Coppola, they composed ‘The Virgin Suicides’ movie score in 1999, and this track ‘Playground Love’ is one of their best. (You’ll also note a very young (and hairy) Josh Hartnett!)



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