Latest Travel adventure: Chicago, The Windy City

I recently had the good fortune to travel to Chicago, the Windy City.

It’s one of those old American cities I’ve always wanted to spend some time in, and I was far from disappointed!

The trip was brief, but given it’s blues scene, dining culture, great architecture and friendliness, there’s no doubt that this is my kind of city. I will definitely be back for a return visit.

With it’s famous moniker, The Windy City, I was expecting some kind of tumultuous weather pattern – but as one of the locals informed me, the wind it’s referring to is actually a late 1800s reference to all of the political hot air.

The toughest choice I had to make was how to spend my limited time, and after a wonderful breakfast I happily spent the afternoon at the world’s largest indoor aquarium, The Shedd Aquarium. (



It was a spectacular day on Lake Michigan. The Aquarium is on one of the coastline points and makes for a beautiful walk.



The Aquarium has a huge diversity of creatures. The sharks are among the largest creatures.



Along with the Beluga whales, who are also trained performers in the Whales and Dolphins show.



These wormy creatures are amongst the smallest animals – and have a definite creep factor.



The first time I’ve actually seen a sea dragon. I was surprised by how tiny and beautiful they are.



It wasn’t just ocean animals at the aquarium. There was quite a range of tropical amphibians including frogs, turtles and salamanders.



This one won the smug guy award.



Giant old crustaceans like this one were almost imperceptible until the rocks started moving



The penguins are serious crowd pleasers and worth the extra few dollars



My personal favourite was the otters. So sleek, smart and playful.



And of course… lots and lots of fish of all sizes, shapes, colours and behaviours.

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