Latest guilty pleasure: Dance Academy

My latest guilty pleasure is a teen television series from Australia called Dance Academy. (

The show follows up and coming ballet dancers as they struggle through their life at the ‘National Dance Academy’ and combines a frothy mix of teen angst and ballet technique with gorgeous Sydney vistas.

Each episode is a walk down memory lane with regular shots of the Circular Quay, the Rocks, Bondi Beach and Pier Four (although those in the know will spot inconsistencies).

I particularly enjoy the more outdoor episodes where I get to catch up on Sydney with the occasional ferry ride, swim at the beach or camping trip (complete with kookaburras in the background).

Don’t get me wrong though, the ballet in the show is well done – and gives me a continued appreciation for how hard dancers must work for their careers.

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Here’s a sampler for you to give you a feel for the show, and if you’re looking for more you can find it on Netflix.

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