I’ll be happy when….

I live in a world that’s constantly bombarding me with advertising, social imaging and all kinds of visual proof of how incomplete my life is without that nice new shiny ‘thing’.


Social imaging is the phenomenon of presenting our lives as perfect and flawless on social media: ignoring the difficult and painful realities. You could say it’s the online version of ‘Keeping up with the Jones”.


From longer eyelashes, to losing a few pounds, to bigger, better, brighter, more; it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of ‘I’ll be happy when…’.

You know how it goes:

• I’ll be happy when he/she/it does what I want.

• I’ll be happy when my debt is paid off.

• I’ll be happy when my body does what I want it to.

• I’ll be happy when I’m richer, thinner, prettier, stronger, smarter, married, more powerful  … where does it end?

Although goals are certainly great (and essential to our self-esteem), the problem with ‘I’ll be happy when’ is that we never really get there.


Happiness on Hold

How often do you put your happiness on hold?


The goal posts just keep changing and I could live my whole life postponing Happiness.

Lately I’ve come to realise that those ‘I’ll be happy when’ obstacles in my life that seem to be holding me back – are not really obstacles at all.

As Alfred D.Souza famously said, these ‘obstacles’ are in fact my life!


Alfred D.Souza is an Aussie philosopher who is also credited with the line ‘Dance as though no-one is watching, love as though you’ve never been hurt before, sing as though no-one can hear you, live as though heaven is on earth’.


The money, the career, the partner, the house, my body, the debt, my aging, my food: these are actually my life.

They’re not challenges to be overcome, but rather, aspects of my life to be embraced.


So what am I waiting for? There’s no ‘Happiness when’ – it’s just Happiness now, and it’s available to me rain, hail or shine.

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