Hoping and Wishing: what’s the difference?

I was recently challenged with understanding the difference between wishing and hoping.


Quotes like these only served to confuse me more. I would wonder where does dreaming fit in to all that work?


Even before fully understanding how dreaming turns into action, I would have already described myself as more of a hopeful person than a wishful person.

What I’ve learnt is that although the desired outcome is often the same, the preceding activity is what makes all the difference between these two.

Wishing is a mostly cerebral activity akin to daydreaming. Almost a random, pie-in-the-sky idea with no actual basis in day-to-day actions.


I don’t believe that wishful sounding so much like ‘wistful’ is a mere coincidence


Hoping on the other hand is wishing’s hard-working cousin: it involves action and footwork.

The reward of putting in all of the action required, is that my pie-in-the-sky idea has now become a goal.

It certainly doesn’t circumvent my natural human powerlessness over the eventual outcome, but I’ve fed the soil, watered the seeds and actively and consistently shown up.




What a gift to step out of the ineffectiveness of random wishing and to be able to rest easy knowing that I’ve whole-heartedly committed myself to my dreams and hopes.



Watch out dreams: I’m in with both feet!

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