Here comes the snow again!

Annie Lennox of The Eurythmics famously sang ‘Here comes the rain again’ – but in the case of the Great North, perhaps that should be ‘Here comes the snow again’.



One of the greatest female voices of the 80s, Annie Lennox is famed for her powerful 3-octave range.


It was barely a few months ago that the seasons here had turned to glorious spring, with a quick dash through summer – and here we are again, leaves golden and falling – and we’re back out the other end heading into the long, dark winter.


One thing about Canada, there is no mistaking the four distinct seasons.


When Halloween approaches, that’s my cue to begin my winter preparations: swap my car to winter tires, prepare the garden, winterize the motorbike for it’s long wait and complete any pressing outdoor activities.


File 2015-10-24, 10 26 31 AM

Riding a motorbike is all the more sweeter when the season is so short.


Unfortunately my ‘internal’ preparations are not quite as succinct, as I struggle with adapting to the dark and the dropping temperatures.

The good news is that I’ve usually found my groove once the winter has fully arrived with it’s snowy peaks and glorious blue skies.



I’m still a beginner, but skiing has fast become one of my greatest winter pleasures.


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