Grumpy old cat lady

As a vibrant and (somewhat) naive woman in my twenties, I remember looking around at the 40-something-age-group ladies that I knew and they really seemed to have it all.

With confidence, career success, flourishing families and even the right shade of lipstick – they were the ultimate picture of success.



They were ‘established’ and it looked like a great life.


But what I also began to notice underneath their beautiful veneers was a cynicism and bitterness towards life.

Love certainly wasn’t all you needed anymore – and believing that – was like believing in Santa Claus – only for kids and fools.

I wasn’t sure how they got so angry and disappointed, but I was determined that I was not going to become a grumpy, cynical old 40-something.














No matter what happened in my life, I vowed to remember my open-hearted twenties and to keep on loving and looking at the brighter side of life.

Now that I am in my 40-somethings, I understand how the heart can get hardened with hurt and loss and disappointment.


Perhaps the best description I’ve heard lately of a hardened heart, is an ‘ inner diamond’. Tough, beautiful, multi-faceted.


I see that cynicism and bitterness is everywhere because it is an easy, lazy path that’s constantly proven out up by all the negative, crisis-focused news. Because let’s face it – bad news sells.

That doesn’t mean I am switched-off to the injustice in the world, but that I still believe in the power of love to heal ourselves, our bodies, the people around us and the world.



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