Edge of Tomorrow: Movie review

It’s the start of the summer blockbuster season here in North America and what finer way to start it off than with Tom Cruise kicking butt in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’?

First of all, don’t believe the ‘disappointing’ reviews of this film. With worldwide box office sales so far at $150 Million, this man versus invincible alien film was satisfyingly intense and even had some unexpected depth to it.

The real surprise for me here was Tom Cruise as Major William Cage (Dick Cage, really..?). He put in a solid performance – his ‘usual’ – but he never pulled a Russell Crowe and ramped it up. Has our dear Tom plateaued?

Instead Emily Blunt proved to be the film’s real bad arse when she stole the thunder with her acerbic wit and hard line ambition to win the alien war – no matter what the cost.

If you like your sci fi militaristic and a tough female soldier in the lead then this film’s a must for you.




Bad arse!!!










Here’s the official trailer for you:

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