5 golden questions for getting things back into perspective

When time is short and the pressure’s cranked up, my default is to buckle down, roll up my sleeves and ‘get er done’.


Sometimes you just have one of ‘those’ weeks


It certainly ticks those To-Dos off the list, but unfortunately for those around me, it doesn’t always make for the nicest little miss weasel.

It’s really not hard to spot: my tone gets sharp, my words short and my thinking highly critical.

Commando Kate I call her. Abrupt, impatient, critical, bossy. Out she comes.


Gunnery Sgt. Shawn D. Angell is a drill instructor at the Officer Candidate School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., dedicated to training, educating, evaluating and screening the many candidates who go through the course and turning them into Marine leaders.

She’s not as loud as this drill sergeant, but she’s certainly about as subtle


So when I’m red-lining and Commando Kate decides it’s time to ‘whip everyone into shape’, here’s my top 5 golden questions for getting things back into perspective (and playing nicely in the sandbox with the other kids):

1. Will anyone but myself notice this picky little imperfect detail?

2. Will I remember this challenging moment when I’m on my deathbed?

3. What’s the opportunity in this for me to learn from?

4. How can I still ‘get ‘er done’ but in a simpler way and with more fun?

5. In which small ways can I begin to move from my head (control) back down to my heart (love and connection), and focus on what’s really important?

6. What would Chuck Norris do? (okay I just threw that one in there for a laugh. Laughing is the great undoer of Commando Kate)


And as the brilliantly spontaneous jazz musician, Miles Davis once said ‘Do not fear mistakes, there are none’


Which means it’s simply a matter of perspective.

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