Midweek Music Moment: King Karoshi

One of the (many) advantages of living in Canada is exposure to the wonderful music coming out of Quebec.

Montreal-based, King Karoshi caught my immediate ‘shazam’ attention with their track ‘Catching Echoes’ – not only for their lovely sound, but also with lyrics like these:

“I want to walk in the spaces where nobody walks
see the things that no-one sees
and everything in between”

Thoughtful, earthy and emotive – check out the live version here:



They might be just 3 years old, but they’re turning heads in the Montreal music scene and already have two LPs under their belt; ‘Laundry’ 2014 and ‘Catching Echoes’ 2015.


King Karoshi are Remi Denis (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Dunphy (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Alexy Guerer (Drums/ Vocals), Antoine Poliquin (Bass/ Vocals).


Here’s the opening track ‘Industrial (Beyond the ridge)’ from their ‘Catching Echoes’ album.



It’s early days but I look to great things from this band!

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (French version)

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a superb 2014 Franco-German telling of this wonderfully dark fairytale.

Visually stunning with luscious rich landscapes and ornate costumes, this film was everything the Disney version is not.

Starring Lea Seydoux as Belle and Vincent Cassel as the Beast, their superb performances made this story come alive.


Seydoux and Cassel had great chemistry on-screen and were so interesting and charismatic that I could have watched them all night.


More recently seen in ‘Spectre’ as smart, tough, powerful Bond girl, Dr Madeleine Swann, there’s no doubt that Lea Seydoux’s star is on the rise.


I’m a long-time fan of Vincent Cassel, who often plays complicated, interesting characters – and his Beast is no exception.


Directed by French Director, Christophe Gans (‘Silent Hill’, Brotherhood of the Wolf’), this was his first film in 8 years.


Although typically known for his horror movies, Gans’ thoughtful approach to this fairytale presented a satisfying story without all the distracting Disney ‘bling’.


This is a magical and uplifting French version (with English subtitles) of the original Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve fairytale.

Available on Netflix and you can check out the trailer here:


Philosophy Friday: CRISPR

Today’s Philosophy blog is this short but powerful TEDtalk from biologist Ellen Jorgensen.

Before this week I had never even heard of CRISPR, but came away amazed and mind-blown at the level of science we are exploring! What say you?

Check it out here: