Movie Review: Roman Holiday

‘Roman Holiday’ is a timeless 1953 romantic comedy with a big heart, some sweet laughs and a great script.

Featuring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, this was Hepburn’s stunning screen debut that skyrocketed her to fame.


Hepburn’s performance was so captivating that halfway through filming, Peck famously pushed for her name to be above the title of the movie – alongside his own – because she was going to win an Oscar for her performance. He was right.


Director, William Wyler (‘The Best Years of our Lives’, ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘Funny Girl’) had originally planned for a large scale Hollywood production with an all-star cast, shot on Hollywood backlots.


Jean Simmons was Wyler’s top choice for the role but was unavailable due to scheduling. A very young Elizabeth Taylor was also considered for the role.


But after being given a much smaller budget than expected, Wyler cast a then-unknown Hepburn, moved filming to Italy and shot the entire film in black & white. (And thank goodness he did!)


Vespa sales went through the roof after the classic scene of Peck riding around the streets of Rome with his ‘sweetie’ on the back.


Hepburn gives an exuberant performance as a Princess cut loose for the day – the camera loves her – and Peck steps back and simply lets her shine.


I highly recommend ‘Roman Holiday’ as a wonderfully romantic movie that features two highly charismatic performers in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Available on Netflix (finally!) and here’s the official trailer:


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Midweek Music Moment: Daydreaming

For myself (and many of my peers), we’ve grown up right alongside Radiohead.

From their early pop days (‘Creep’, ‘Plastic Trees’) which shot them to worldwide fame – to their later more experimental sounds – I never get tired of Thom Yorke’s fragile falsetto, paired with the band’s experimental hiphop-like beats.



Radiohead are currently on tour and headlining this year’s Glastonbury and Coachella festivals.


Today’s track ‘Daydreaming’ is a great example of this from their latest 2016 album ‘ A Moon Shaped Pool’.



Their fifth album to be nominated for the Mercury Prize, as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album, it was certified gold in the UK just one month after it’s release.

Not only does this second track ‘Burn the Witch’ from ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ have a great (creepy!) video, it is also nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Song.