Midweek Music Moment: It Must Be Love

British ska band ‘Madness’ topped early 80s charts with a number of hits and are one of the top 20 selling UK groups of all time, with seven top 10 albums, 22 top 20 hits and over six million album sales to their name.



Madness formed in Camden Town, London in 1976 but achieved most of their success from 1981-1986 where they topped the UK charts for 214 weeks.


Today’s Midweek Music Moment is their classic cover of ‘It Must Be Love’ from their 1982 album ‘Complete Madness’. The video has certainly dated, but the song itself has stood the test of time.



Although Madness split in 1986 after a number of ‘musical differences’, they later reformed in the mid-1990s and are still very much alive and well.

They have been performing and putting out new albums throughout the 2000s and this jaunty track ‘Mr Apples’ is from their latest (2016) album ‘Can’t Touch Us Now’.



And now that your toes are tapping, check out this great fan video for ‘Forever Young’ from their 2009 album ‘The Liberty of Norton Folgate’.