Movie Review: Jason Bourne

‘Jason Bourne’ is the latest blockbuster in the Bourne series and features Matt Damon returning as the amnesiac assassin.

After not directly appearing in the last Bourne movie (‘The Bourne Legacy’- the fourth instalment), Damon is as magnetic as ever – but these are big shoes to fill and the material he has to work with is thin.


As the film opens, Bourne is making a living street-fighting: but I get the impression he’s not doing it for the cash. (Damon is seriously ripped)


Despite a strong supporting cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel, Julie Stiles and new tough-girl Alicia Vikander, the film feels overly long and formulaic.


Swedish actress Alicia Vikander plays the female (Joan Allen) CIA role with an intensity and seriousness – I’m not sure she cracks a smile in the entire film.


Vincent Cassel has just the right blend of obedience and ruthless determination as the Asset brought in to hunt Bourne.


This series has always been notable for it’s car chases and stunt scenes, and if action scenes are your thing then ‘Jason Bourne’ will not disappoint – including a particularly spectacular car chase down the strip in Las Vegas.


Damon has given a lot of thanks and credit to his stunt team for ‘making him look good’ including his stunt double, Ben Dimmock.


The scenery is stunning, the acting solid, but the plot, script and direction are unremarkable and ultimately let this movie down.

‘Jason Bourne’ is a perfectly adequate summer diversion but don’t expect the same exceptional standards of the original trilogy.

It’s currently playing all major cinemas and here’s the official trailer for you to enjoy: